This reel serves as a compilation of some of the post production and VFX work I have done in recent projects. For various reasons -- sticky copyright situations included -- it's not an exhaustive list of my work, but it is a good representative sample. If you liked what you saw, would like to see my full CV, or would just like to get to know me better, shoot me a note! I'd love to chat. :]

For those interested, here's a brief spot/shot breakdown:

This is a six-episode series I did (I also directed) as a touristy/information program about the beautiful island of Enoshima, a place just southwest of Tokyo, Japan. An aesthetic style borrowed from fashion magazines around Japan, the program was to be distributed on mobile devices (primarily iPhones), so the final video quality was close to SD.

1 & 2. Before and after: Sky replacement, color grading, animation
3 & 4. Before and after: Sky replacement, color grading, animation
5 & 6. Before and after: Motion-tracked sky replacement, color grading, animation
7 & 8. Animation based on motion track of boat
9 & 10. Color grading

"Morning Light"
Derived from "Yoake" in Japanese (which literally translates as something closer to night's end), this is a meditation on the modern woman in a sort of Cinderella story (or is it a Roman Holiday) that may or may not have a happy end, but does she even care? Done for the Prada YO VIDEO! Project, the full one-minute short can be seen on the Prada homepage (as of this writing on May 21st, 2011).

1. Color grading, composite, rotoscoping, and a basic motion track
2. Color grading, composite, rotoscoping
3 & 4. Color grading, composite
5. Color grading
6 - 8. Color grading, filmic effect

"Kimi ga Oshiete Kuretanda"
Loosely translated as "You're the one that taught me," this commercial bid for a group called MyJapan was created as a meditation on the meaning of Japan. The wordplay and cultural significance of the symbol "wa" (both signifying Japan and "harmony") led to a mini-music video of an a cappella group rehearsing in a studio.

1 - 7. Color correction

"Mata Kuru Yo, Tokyo Tower"
Another commercial bid for the Tokyo Tower, this short takes the angle of the Tokyo Tower always being there to watch out for the hopes and aspirations of those it towers over, and culminates in the statement/title "I'll come again, Tokyo Tower."

1. Color grading
2. Camera shake reduction, color grading
3. Color grading
4. Camera shake reduction, color grading
5. Color grading

"Shinda Gaiden"
A digital short film directed by up-and-coming Thai filmmaker Kong Pahurak about a detective who finds himself being hunted by the serial axe-murderer he was supposed to be after.

1. Motion tracked matte paint (freeze-framed "dead" body), color grading
2. Color grading, (mic-like) pipe removal
3 & 4. Before and after: Color grading, texture composite
5 & 6. Before and after: Color grading, texture composite
7. Spot color correction (blood)
8 - 10. Color grading

Music is "Brave New World" by PDF!
Check out their Jamendo page here:

Thanks for watching!

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