Christian Bousquet and Sean Flynn: Yujiro and Ankira were on a day trip from Vietnam with Claude who was the owner of the white car which was infamously shot up, then parked across the road after they were captured.

Contrary to popular belief and supported by newly acquired video footage of Sean through the French television archives, Sean and Dana didn't roar off into the distance foolishly taking photographs. They went up to the car to check on the status of the other journalists who had just been captured and ambushed, and therefore befell the same fate.

You can make you own mind up but you can see the worry and concern on the French journalist, the last one to see them alive before they disappeared, as Sean explains to him in French what is happening with regard to troop movement, stating the decision to try to see if they could assist the three captured men.

For the full report by Tim King visit:

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