Brody Condon
Twentyfivefold Manifestation, 2008
Live Roleplaying performance. 3 days, 5 sessions.
Sonsbeek 2008 International Public Sculpture Exhibition, Netherlands

Combining the fantasy Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) subculture, public sculpture, and ritualistic performance art, Twentyfivefold was a series of physically and psychologically intense live games involving 80 players which evolved over the Summer of 2008. The events were organized by the artist Brody Condon for the Sonsbeek International public sculpture exhibition in the Netherlands. Set in a distant future where civilization as we know it had almost been lost, players from different worlds met deep in the holy forest and inhabited a 40 feet high sculptural tower created by the artist "in character" for 3 days at a time while worshipping invented deities embodied by the other public artworks of the exhibition.

Concept/Direction: Brody Condon
Game Mechanics: Bjarke Pedersen
Game Management: Bjarke Pedersen (DK), Monica Traxl (DK), Rita Kristensen (DK)
Game Management Assistance: Adriana Skarped (SE), Martijn Ketelaars (NL), Jonas Hedegaard (DK), Anita Myhre Andersen (NO), Marke de Vreede (NL), Tim Bosje (NL)
Production Manager: Rita Kristensen (DK)
Production Manager (Tower): Alexander Godschalk
Workshop: Monica Traxl (DK)
Public Relations: Wouter Luth (NL)
Guild Coordinator: Cathelijne Bouwkamp
Role Playing Consultant: Sander Burger (NL)
Camera/ Video Editing: Nina Yuen (US)
Environment Design: Brody Condon (US)
Environment Design Assistance: Vibeke Pagh Schultz (DK)
Production Assistant: Arjen Schoonderwoerd (NL)
Costume Design/Character Backgrounds: Players
Catering: De Kookplaats Arnhem
Park Manager: Jeroene Glissenaar
Special Thanks to Anna Tilroe and the over 80 players that participated.

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