A short demo of our work with this ancient healing form. This is not the whole form!

We have both experienced that this no-nonsense form has changed our lives and healed our wounds. As a couple this is also magic in motion. Our teacher is Andrew Fretwell who learnt this yin-form from the amazing Michael Winn who learn it from Zhu Huy.

Don't expect perfect moves, but do expect lots of energy, transformation and a more balanced life. Anyone can do this and there is no hard work here - just mindful energy - bliss and oneness.

Striving for perfection is not the Tao - learning WuJi Gong you need to forget the "how" and just go with the moves - suddenly you enter into a almost "blank" experience - this is the portal - it is not possible to name this experience - but it changes people from the inside, as it did us.

This is only a small segment to give you an idea.
We both teach this form and would like everyone to know it's simple power. Chris Nunan and Doris Beltoft, Denmark may 2011

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