Everyone daily involves friends into decision-making processes. This or That (ToT) is a mobile application that leverages on social network in order to empower users in making more informed every-day decisions and improve the shopping experience.

ToT participants can describe topics that they are interested in and assign to each of them group of friends whose opinion is valuable is valuable on that particular topic. Later on, This or That users can create a survey on their mobile phone or PC to poll their friends on a particular decision that they are about to make. While creating a new survey, a user can involve own opinion leaders which can instantly support the decision-making twittering their preference.

This or That is supported by a dynamic reputation and trust system that changes according to the vote feedbacks and quality comments that every participant sends. Each interaction is evaluated both by participants and by the application algorithms in order to establish an expertise ranking for each topic.

Federico Casalegno, David Boardman, Brian McMurray, Steve Pomeroy, Jason Terhorst, Carl Yu, Lauren Silberman.

In collaboration with Telefonica - Investigacion y Desarrollo (tid.es)

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