I wanted to start a business that I was passionate about
Something I absolutely enjoyed and believed in

I was doing the corporate grinds and I kinda wanted to do something a little more green

My name is Steven Allen I run Radcab in Tulsa Oklahoma we do petty cabs and mobile outdoor advertising

I love being social talkin’ to people

There’s a lot of confusing stuff when you start a business
When I go into talk to my Score mentor he really helped me sort it all out
And we just get organized and when I go home I feel confident about what’s going on

It really feels amazing to create jobs here in my city

Its incredibly awesome I love to show it off

If you get a solid foundation for your business laid everything else falls in place

Score has absolutely been the most invaluable resource that I’ve had from day one

For free

I could not imagine doing anything else

Get your free business mentor at Score.org

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