This video is a homage to one of my most favorite bands in the world, "Beirut". Some of the members of the band used to be my neighbors on Moore St., in Bklyn.

If The People's Court is a real court, than this is a real trailer.
Blurring reality and fiction was the foundation to "The Nude Megillah" concept, and bringing it to the level of Peoples court (pretty low level, by all standards,) as well as the NY Post and many other publication and blogs that reported about it, feeding from each other, and changing the facts , as it went further from the first media report was a meticulously fabricated event, or was it not?
But then again, There is a script for a movie, and the movie will, hopefully be produced soon, when it will be picked by a movie house.
Meanwhile, enjoy this trailer, and the music "The Gulag Orkestar" of "Beirut".
Most of the people in this trailer are not directly connected with the real people that are affiliated with the case (as Marie Nazaire and Mayer Schwartz). It just makes sense, on different levels of the artist's consciousness, to appear here.
There are, indeed, more elements to the story, that are not told here (as the audio tapes recordings between fuchs, the artist, and Schwartz as well as more things that happened after the "court" case) that will be a part of the upcoming movie.
The TV and print media are definitely a major factor in creating the saga.
All images and footage in this video are by ©Rafael Fuchs.

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