EDIT: This is my third attempt. The first and second ones looked too greenish. I toned down the green a little. 12/4

TIP: Resize your browser small to show only the left screen. Enlarge it to see the comparison.

Some would argue that "Film-Look" is more than just color correcting. They believe that it also involves scene planning and execution, proper editing, et al. I agree. However, all I'm after is the "look" that doesn't look like it came from a home video camera -- so let's have some fun experimenting! ;)

I didn't crush the blacks too much. I've decided to retain the video's original luminance. I've seen some "Film-Look" video samples that suffered from over-processing. Mine seems lite to moderate. I dropped the frame rate on the left screen to 15fps. I might do another "Film-Look" video with more people as subjects next time. (Too bad I don't have a 24p camera and a DOF adapter) Start commenting. Give me tips! I'm still learning all these stuff.

Music: "In the Shadow, In the Light" by Enigma (how appropriate...LOL!)

Production Notes:
Shot with Sony HDR-FX7 1080i @ 60i, Auto everything. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with stock Video Effect (3-Way Color Correction preset...I don't have magic bullet). Compressed with QuickTime H.264 @ 30fps, 5Mbps, Apple Lossless Audio.

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