A postapocalyptic mafia thriller about two brothers who are lead by long time friend into an urban wasteland. They are on a mission to torture a russian psychopath, who seems to have sabotaged an earlier deal. When the older brother wants to resign from the organisation friends become enemies and the usual task turns into a nightmare.

Sebastian Freigang - Kai [HR]
Immo Kropp - Ulli
Ingo Scholl - Petrov
Christian Wewerka - Georg [HR]

Drehbuchautor - Tobias Arndt
Kameramann - Beston Ismael
2nd Unit Kamera - Christian Dietrich
Steadicam Operator - Christian Dietrich
1. Kameraassistent - Marten Meiburg
Standfotograf - Marten Taute
1. Kamerabühne - Yann Günther
Maskenbildner - Claus Grüßner
Maskenbildnerin - Aline Schlegel
Regisseur - Tobias Arndt
Regieassistent - Matthew Brown
Persönlicher Ass. - Marten Taute
Continuity - Oliver Chwat
Pyrotechnikerin - Alexandra Nazahn
Stunt Koordinator - Jan Boehme
Filmtonmeister - Matthias Kreitschmann
VFX Supervisor - Tobias Arndt

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