In $5 Cover Amplified | What It Is:
Craig Brewer draws an analogy between his role as a contemporary storyteller and the underlying motive that drives William Holden’s character in the WWII epic “Bridge on the River Kwai”: finishing a project, regardless of the folly involved, at all costs.

Paul Taylor, a musician whose innate talents allow him to create melodies and rhythms from any household object, ponders the spiritual aspects of music and quantifies its importance as an escapist tool.

Using a mythological West African spirit called Ellegua as his guide, Jason Freeman espouses the power of the subconscious and the multiple functions of ritual in his own creative force.

The 12 documentaries that comprise the anthology "$5 Cover Amplified" reveal a modern Memphis music scene that is as creative, passionate and vibrant as in the city's commercial heyday, when Elvis, Isaac Hayes and Al Green demonstrated that visionary art and popular culture could be inseparable as the 'A' and 'B' sides of a vinyl record.

Produced as a complement to Craig Brewer's episodic MTV drama series/ new media experiment, "$5 Cover," the "Amplified" series of documentary portraits chronicles the rousing art, uncertain careers and sometimes problematic home lives of a diverse, distinctive and often eccentric group of Memphis music-makers.

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