First Super 8 test scan using a Panasonic DVX 100 AE.
My first Super 8 DIY Telecine attempt, using a 15 Meter reel of Kodachrome 40 that i exposed in 2006.

Shot at 18fps.
Music by: Nagual Art Adoria

Due to the limitation of optical zoom on 3CCD chip camcorders i could not zoom all the way in and fill the whole screen with the Super 8 frame. The frame was centered and around 50% around the image was black. So, i had to crop a bit which cost me a lot of TV lines. That's why the image has become a bit pixilated and edgy. Notice that the Canon HV20 Line flicker does not appear because of the better 3 CCD chips inside the DVX100. Captured with my custom camera preset + cine-gamma curve and of course my customized and modified telecine unit. Footage is raw and ungraded and does not show the actual quality and framesize of the original footage. The Filmgate of the DIY telecine might cover some of the frame.

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