Howdy World,

Back in 2007 my wife, Shay, and I got a surprise call from the Discovery Channel asking us to play a part in a Northern Lights movie. No real payment except expenses (ie. “will work for beer”). Deal! They flew my wife up to Fairbanks from Anchorage while I drove my truck up and we all convened in Chatanika, a small bush community in the interior of Alaska.

That night, in the crisp -25° F March air, we set up a campfire chat that was filmed by their crew of seven, which included the producer, director, two videographers, soundman, and support team. The next thing we knew we were asked to jump on a dogsled and mush a 10-dog team down the trail…at night! That’s what their storyboard was all about – us chasing the aurora by dogsled (didn’t see that in the fine print). Needless to say, Shay and I had a crash course in dog mushing which was totally exhilarating and we even got lucky with two nights of active aurora displays.

When it was all over everyone went their merry way and months later we found out that most of our heroics ended up on the cutting room floor. We never saw the show but heard that we were on air for about 15 seconds. Didn’t quite feel like fame…. but the seed was planted and we set our sights on making our own independent movie!

The next two years were obsessive as we developed our own little technique for filming the Auroras in Motion™. Editing the 48-minute movie proved to be an incredible experience in blending sights and sounds, to the point that little else in life seemed to matter. My wife assisted as best she could and often reminded me to eat and sleep. Producing this DVD was the most challenging thing we have ever done, and also the most rewarding.

We hope that you enjoy the trailer here on our 2011 Vimeo debut.

Todd & Shay

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