Pancho a 45 year old delinquent imprisoned once more and for the sixth time.
In the makings of a portrait, close to parole day and the days that come after, we see Pancho in his daily life inside the East Jailhouse whom after being released undertakes a journey to freedom: Right off from his release in a taxi heading home, up to rencounter his family and friends from childhood.
"Lo que quedo de Pancho" is a character portrait that reveals the common prisoner and the little world of a man whose life is at all times on the edge of the balance between right and wrong, in turn, he unveils the inner workings of his life in a daily manner, thus annihilating any good intentions he may have before a harsh reality filled with memories, vices and regrets.
Pancho walks an uncertain road, the road of an ex convict towards reformation.

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