The ferry that has been sailing daily between Stockholm and Helsinki since 1959 is known
for the wild drinking that goes on, encouraged by the taxfree shops, bars and discotheques
on board. Here the usually introverted Scandinavians cut loose in a way that is
incomprehensible to outsiders.

Together with a group of passengers we cross the border into a different world. The further
we get out at sea, the more people seem to be transformed into savage Vikings.

LOS is the result of the first Wildcard for documentaries; an awards programme of the
Dutch Film Fund to give young filmmakers the opportunity to produce their first film after

length 21”02’
language Swedish | Finnish

director Edward Cook
script Edward Cook
camera Edward Cook | Vladas Naudzius
sound Rik Meier
production assistants Lena Carlsson | Sophie Slabbekoorn
editing Luce van de Weg
sound editing Elena Martín Hidalgo
sound design & final mix Bart Jilesen
music Paleis van Boem | David Berndsen
foley Erik Griekspoor
online editing | colour grading het Raam
producer seriousFilm

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