I am a composer,musician, sound engineer and healer from Chile. I have developed this musical project together with my friend Lita Donoso, psychologist and a reknowned and internationally published author , since receiving, in February of 2011, the keys to connect with other dimensions through musical sound. This is part of a four-pronged stimulation mode, for heart, throat, pineal and pituitary glands, a portal for the upcoming times.
I was given four "songs". They are keys to the fifth dimension and to the creative feminine energy of the planet. This is the first music, or "song". The songs are tuned in 424Hz, a secret pyramidal sound relationship.
This helps to open and resonate in your heart, within the new concept of unconditional love.
The photos by award-winning photographer Macarena Achurra help us to focus on this stimulation mode and to open the heart. Or, one can simply listen to the music if desired, with no restrictions at all, but to focus....and relax.
We made this video to share with everybody; enjoy!!

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