This film explores the ideas and background to FoolishPeople's first feature film 'Strange Factories'.

As the veil between worlds thins this Hallowe’en, the doorway opens to `Strange Factories’, a unique live cinema experience that will immerse you in its dreamlike world.

In the depths of every artist’s imagination, a story exists that threatens to engulf the mind of those who dare to believe it. For every wondrous fairytale, there lives its dark and horrifying twin. Victor, a writer, possessed by a terrifying story journeys into unknown, dreamlike places, haunted by the infamous Hum emitted from a strange factory…

Stronheim invites you to explore the wonder and terror of a haunted film, as you experience the film unravel inside his factory and witness its characters come to life around you.

Become part of the ‘Strange Factories’ story via the magic mirror of the silver screen to discover the truth every imagination hides.

The theatrical release of ‘Strange Factories’ opens on Saturday 26th October 2013 at a soon to be unveiled secret location in central London.

The film will simultaneously be available to download or stream. Pre-orders for the film and event will be available later this Summer.

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