Winner of the 2010 Sustainable CUNY Shorts Contest 'Going Green, the Power of One.

"It's a funny thing about the number one. Most people think it's such a small number, so how can one person ever change anything? Then again: Gandhi was just one man... Rosa Parks was just one woman...even Jesus was just one guy. In fact, Jesus said we're all one; Buddha said we're all one; even Bob Marley said we're all one. One Nation, One World, One Love! Well, it turns out that everything begins with just one, and it's up to us to make one... many! The Power of One."

Concept, Music + Sound Editing, Art and Animation by David Schwittek
Vocals by Natalie Goldberg

David Schwittek works in the Art Department of Lehman College. Natalie Goldberg is 8 years old and lives in Oregon. David misses Natalie, but is glad they got to collaborate on this project!

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