5-24-11, Frodo's Place, Jacksonville, FL

For the film I chose to leave the audio relatively untouched. Enhanced audio (only) is located at the internet archive, and the video on youtube has this audio wth the volume adjusted higher.


Part One:
Lady with a Fan [Music by Jerry Garcia]
Terrapin Station [Music by Jerry Garcia]

Part Two:
Return to Terrapin [Music by August West]
Ivory Wheels/Rosewood Track [Music by Jerry Garcia, arranged by Robert Hunter]
And I Know You [Music by August West]
Jack O'Roses [Music by Jerry Garcia]
Leaving Terrapin [Music by August West]
Recognition [Music by Jerry Garcia, arranged by August West]

Lyrics by Robert Hunter.

August West:
"I have been working on a project here for a little while that I'd like to share with y'all. I found the second part of Terrapin Station about 4 years ago. Recently I read the suite again after some time, after learning Ivory Wheels on a Rosewood Track, an was greatly inspired. I was working on putting music to it, an I found that Terrapin must return to it's "starting point" [Lady with a Fan], as the ending. I wasn't sure if I was on the right track, until I found an interesting note by Robert Hunter dated on my birthday [2/18/93]. Anyway, here is my rendition of "Terrapin Station Suite"

Robert Hunter note:
In the second edition of "Box of Rain," Robert Hunter made some further revisions to Terrapin Station (noted in the individual songs linked above) and explained what he had done in this supplementary note, dated 18 February 1993:
It is notoriously difficult to return to the particular space of a spontaneous vision--but I wasn't content with my earlier attempt to complete the Terrapin cycle. Cycle is the key word. The piece seemed to demand a legitimate return to its starting point but just how to accomplish this evaded me. The problem was that I was looking outisde the song for clues when the solution, implicit in Lady With A Fan, lay in plain sight the whole time.

With the following revision, I feel as near as I'm likely to get to the initiating flash, this far removed in time. It's a moot point whether my continuing engagement with the suite is symptomatic of my own attempts to Return To Terrapin, but a feeling of deep relief comes with the sense of finally getting it closer to heart's desire--concluding and adding this annotation just as a good hard storm breaks.

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