It Wasn't Me: studio version from Jeff Litman's 2009 release, Postscript.

I always knew that you lied to me.
You always knew that I tried.
I always knew you were cowardly,
You cut out my eyes.

You’re indifferent dishonesty
is a sight to behold.
You never cared what it did to me,
or if I’d ever be told.

But enough of your stories
cause I finally heard the truth.
It wasn’t me, it was you.

I spent years trying to figure out
how I drove you away.
You left me sinking in self doubt,
a pathetic display.

But I finally found out it’s just a simple, tawdry truth
that it wasn’t me,
it wasn’t me
no, it wasn’t was you.

Jeff Litman: lead/background vocals, piano, guitars, keyboards, loops
Andy Thompson: loops, guitar, glockenspiel
Emily Dufour: cello
Writtten by Jeff Litman
©2008 Born Enormous Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved.

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