Ok Rip, you made your point, I can't out rap you,
You said you was the illest, I would never doubt that too,
A lot of these rappers is jealous that's why they attack you,
They think you're the best that's why they wanna' battle you,
At the moment of truth I let you design the tattoos,
You are the illest alive, that's a fact that you've proved,
It's just a couple rappers that don't want it to happen for you,
Raggin' on you like battlin' is all you can do,
You didn't sell enough units to be honest with you,
Nobody knows the truth you got talent out the gazuu,
When niggaz first heard of you it was like a Man On The Moon,
You got dissed by a legend but you damaged him too,
So what if the ladies think he's more handsome than you?
What happens if the rumors about being a fagot are true?
Look what it's runnin' into, I don't feel like havin' this discussion with you,
I'm tired of fuckin' with you, niggaz in the game don't wanna' do nuthin' with you,
Bussin' with you, goin' one on one with who?,
They wanna get rid of you, ya' shit is too lyrical,
Headhunters out to get you, that's why I have to protect you,
I wouldn't disrespect you, as another intellectual,
Without you I'm unsuccessful, God bless you,
What makes you think I left you or why I'd ever be tempted to?
Ever since the 3rd album I been mentioning you,
I got your name on my arm I'm representin' you,
You're Rip The Jacker - I would never question you,
I respect your opinion as a professional nigga',
I just want you to listen to what I'm tellin' you,
What happened between L and you - Forget it!
People know you won the battle they won't give you the credit,
Alotta' people don't wanna' admit it but I consider it a real privilege to bear witness to ya' lyrics,
And be involved with sharing the merits, I'm forever indebted,
I just need you to chill for a second, so I can send a positive message,
Like Tupac before he left us, the author or the work ethic Genesis,
Has inspired me to write the Exobus scripts as a constant reminder not to forget Bis,
But I've reached a precipice, remember Rip,
You can't rhyme forever there's always somebody with better shit,
I keep you out the public eye for a reason,
You're a commodity Rip ain't that how you wanna' keep it?
I keep ya' whereabouts secret, I bring bitches to the crib every weekend, so why is you beefin'?

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