Whoop Whoop HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF...yeah its my 20th birthday today haha.
But been a couple of weeks since I dropped a new track right? Well I had my reasons,lot of things happend...Been sick for 2 weeks,a friend died,busy with school things and a lot more things were goin on. Ah well I think im back,so I think I start dropping more new tracks upcomming weeks,so stay tuned!!

The track of today is called ''His-Story - Never Enough'' with ''Criptic Wisdom'' on the hook and is about the girl who fuckt me up mentally and hurted me physically. Those who are following my for a longer period knows who this girl is,and know my other tracks about her.
anyway only thing I can say is,check it out and leave me some love.
comments,likes,favorites,friend requests,subbs and feedback are all welcome and appreciated !!

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Somethings gotta Give /
Cuz I dont really know what you want from Me /
I've made my promises,I've kept Them /
I've givin you Honesty /
No matter what I do,its never Enough /
And no matter what I do,its never Enough /
And no matter what I do,its never Enough /
And no matter what I do you know its never Enough /

(Verse 1)
No matter what I did,it was just never Enough /
I gave you chance after chance and all you did was broke my Heart /
Where is the Trust in this Relationship,cant you see how hard This Is /
Whipe that smile of your face or I'll make you swallow your teeth Bitch /
I've been nice for to Long,get your as back to where you Belong /
What did ever do you Wrong,to humiliate me this Long /
I know I wasnt the best,but definitely not the Worst /
In case you forgot its special to be eachothers First /
And I thought ''Seek For Revenge'' and ''Rest In Pain'' would be Enough /
But even after completing those tracks,theres more Bottled Up /
Im and om gonna let it all Out,Today,this Way,its over Now /
Im letting everybody know what this is About /
How you broke me without a Doubt and without thinking Twice /
Love isnt about roling a Dice,your walking on thin Ice /
So I hope you fall Through,and take your lies and my pain with You /
May you rot and burn in hell for everything you Do /


(Verse 2)
3 fucking years have Passed since you whooped my Ass /
Your a first Class ho,yeah I admit your the best at That /
Acting all innocent,you try to make me look Bad /
I wasnt the one cheating on you and fucking others Instead /
But go Ahead,anal penatration by 5 guys at the same Time /
I dont care,ruin a life aslong its not Mine /
Cuz once again you made me abandon the girl I Love /
And believe me falling in Love was already hard Enough /
And only cuz of You? and the fuckt up things you Do? /
You deserve an everlasting punishment for the shit you put me Through /
You disgust me,I pity You,every single Day /
Its hard to understand that you can live with yourself this Way /
And I do reminice the moments and the time we spend Together /
Come to think about it,unfortunally it wasnt always for the Better /
But imma make you Remember Forever with a simpel Letter /
Patience is the Key,Eventually I will go Get Her /


(Verse 3)
And once again were here,and almost coming to an End /
How can you live with yourself when you know everything was Pretend /
You lied to me for such a long Time your out of your Mind /
But I also blame myself cuz I was to stupid and Blind /
I think im almost ready to forget and leave this all Behind /
Back to the beginning and ready to start a new Life /
So I burry this Knife deep so it cant touch Me /
Till that moment arrives I drop the curtain of part 3 /

Its always good to get this shit of my chest,
But still its kinda sad though,to let this take control over me for such a long time,
I cant believe I was so blind,if I just open my eyes for the truth,I couldve prevented this,
But its to late for that now...


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