Mark has lived many lifetimes in this life. The mystical has defined his life and presaged his future. Vivid memories of both mundane and extraordinary events and the unique impressions they left on his spirit mysteriously conspired to instill a passion in him to seek out physical and metaphysical truths.

As a Jewish child growing up in Nazi Germany he learned the Yin and Yang of tolerance and compassion and fear and hate. Taking refuge in Columbia in 1940, he learned Spanish and reveled in the wet and warmth of Barranquilla. On to America where he learned English and to play baseball and football. Then to Japan as part of the American Special Services unit where he immersed himself in the culture and learned Japanese. Back in America, Mark focused his energy on all aspects of movement — dancing, bodybuilding, yoga, martial arts — the very beginning of an epic journey into body awareness and the healing foundations of his life's work.

Since 1969, Mark has consulted and worked with individuals and groups in the areas of movement, mental and physical performance enhancement, and life extension practices. Passionately committed to vital health, longevity, and enhancing human potential in himself and people of all ages, Mark has a diverse background as a researcher, developer, and teacher of peak performance principles. Focusing on technologies to improve functioning, Mark has spent more than 40 years developing the BioSync® method, a deep tissue approach to whole body health based upon the expressions of natural health as well as a deeply held spiritual worldview.

Mark and his wife, Leah, train consultants through his intensive Certification Program and teach practitioners through the modular BioSync® Barefoot, BioSync® Assisted Yoga and BioSync® iCore workshops.

Mark has gathered his expertise through the teachings of various healers, shamans and Qi Gong masters as well as White Tantric wisdom and yogic knowledge through his mentorship with Yogi Bhajan. Through the BioSync Research Institute, Mark maintains an active and private international practice with a worldwide client base of entertainers, politicians, diplomats, celebrities, CEO's and athletes in the NFL, NBA and ATP; track & field and figure skating Olympians as well as extreme athletes in snowboarding, surfing and motocross who want results that give them both a physical and psychological edge.

Mark is also a part of the growing anti-aging movement. At 83 young years, he is proof that physical mastery and emotional and spiritual excellence are available to anyone at any age. This somatic pioneer is a masterful practitioner of this multifaceted approach to life extension, and his work, BioSync®, should be an important part of any effective health and wellness program.

To Contact Mark and Leah Lamm: or ; 1-949-597-0880

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