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In this latest episode of our knitting web video series/podcast we chat with Sergio Mercado from Qiviuk. He tells us all about how they got started with luxury fibers from Peru, South America and the Artic.

You'll see some of the rarest and most luxurious of yarns and fibers like Guanaco, Vicuna, Qiviuk and Qiviuk blends. Sergio will also tell us how he got his store start in the Plaza Hotel in New York City

What's on the set:
* Think Outside the Sox: 60+ Winning Designs from the Knitter’s Magazine Contest

What I am wearing:
* During the interview: Ishbel shawlette by Ysolda knitted with Tili Thomas Beaded Plie American Beauty
* In the Chair - Fan Kimono from Vicki Square Knit Kimono: 18 Designs with Simple Shapes made with Bristol Yarn Gallery Somerset

Special Thanks to Sergio Mercado.

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