"Catch me, I'm an information" communicate the floating words. With his hands the visitors of the table touches the glass surface and grabs the typographical swarm who has just awakened his interest. Aligned with white lines that look like delicate probe of marine animals, spread of secondary information will be visible. Text, images and films on various subjects can be detected by the visitor.
The Ocean Explorer is an interactive table projection. Up to twelve visitors can view texts, films and animation on different topics. With headphones, visitors can also listen to the scientists under discussion. The five meters long and 120 centimeters wide, multi-touch table allows visitors to fish out information such as from a virtual pool of water and even go on an expedition themselves.

My job was the conception and realization of the whole design and content for the Future OceanExplorer.

CLIENT: Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean"
ROLE: Art Direction, Content-Development, Motion Design

Art Direction: Michel Magens, Tom Duscher
Technical Concept and Development: Chris Engler
Graphic Design: Michel Magens, Jan Kiecksee, Tom Duscher
Coding: Chris Engler, Jan Kiecksee
Motion Design: Michel Magens, Chris Engler, Tom Duscher
Project Management: Manfred Schulz, Tom Duscher, Annika Wallaschek
Construction: Manfred Schulz, Julia Fuchs, Erik Neubert


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