This was shot in the summer of 2009 with a DVX100. Prior to this, I made a video called "Monkey See, Monkey Do" for one of my intro to video class projects and since the place that we rented the Monkey costume from liked it so much they gave me a discount on the Brontosaurus.

This video is a parody of the Jay-Z video "Young Forever" as well as a memorial to the Doberman Pinscher known as Charles Barkley. Clearly, I don't own the rights to this music but since Jay-Z stole this song from Alphaville he can't really be mad at it being used for the purposes of Brontosaurus Tribute.

We took the Brontosaurus all over the city and had a lot of fun. I ended up with over an hour of footage of the Brontosaurus not only in his natural habitat but also performing day to day activities like driving a forklift, going to the carnival and watering the flowers.

You will see in the video the Brontosaurus is playing with a Doberman. He was my friend Jim's dog and he sadly passed away from cancer last week. He had a vertical leap of no less than six feet and was one of the nicest dogs ever. He ate anything that he could including a box of thumbtacks and a golfball. This video had been about 90% finished for the past year and I decided to finish it in remembrance of Charles. This video is for him. We will miss you.

Brontosaurus Tribute

Music: Jay-Z Young Forever ft. Mr. Hudson

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