English Studies in Canada Round Table
Social Networking and the Humanities Congress 2011
Organizers: Cecily Devereux and Michael O'Driscoll
For more information about ESC: English Studies in Canada, please visit us at arts.ualberta.ca/~esc
Max Haiven, Diana Brydon, Aimée Morrison, Susan Brown, Marc Fortin

With the advent of digital networking, the social parameters of humanities scholarship have shifted, and that shift invites us to consider not only the personal and professional benefits and costs of such technological innovations, but also the fundamental principles that inform how we interact with each other and to what end. How do digital technologies re-imagine the social dimension of academic relationships, and how do conventional practices find their analogues in an online environment? What have we gained, and what might we happily anticipate? What have we lost, and what are we in danger of losing?

For Diana Brydon's paper - Links to works cited and the full paper may be consulted at the url below

Look for published papers in the ESC readers' forum 36.4 due out in August.

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Camera credit Bill Brydon

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