Hello everybody !!!

Have you watched my video "Magic Wudang" ?? Did you like it ??

Well, before the show began, the audience invested the stage and also gave some nice performances.

It made me think: isn't imagination a wonderful thing ??

Think about it: we live most of our life in the world of our imagination. We have dreams, visions, views of the world ... and we shape our lives accordingly, internally and externally. The arts are a nice illustration of how we project ourselves from the inside to the outside ... but actually our laws, economies, cultures etc also reflect the same process.

Sometimes we create things through imagination. Sometimes we make things alive through it. We do some movements, like the people in the video. And thus, we do project ourselves in a different world - hinted at by the show - while doing them ... isn't that wonderful and amazing ??

It also always strikes me how a simple stage turns "normal environment" into something else, in a kind of a different place where imagination can unfold. And again, how many different stages there are in life: homes, school classes, restaurants, tribunals, markets, theaters, parks ... and all these spaces - or stages - trigger their own kind of creativity ...

Well these were some of my thoughts while watching the audience on stage before the Wudang Tai Chi show started ...

Enjoy this little reflexion on imagination and reality :-)

And if you have not watched "Magic Wudang" yet, go check it out !!!

On the same theme, you may also enjoy my two little videos "Mind Odyssey" and "Reality and Imagination".

Good and beautiful reality and imagination inspirations to all of you :-)



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