in 2006 (I was 17), I actually had some more-dedicated-than-usual friends to help me out make a short movie called Midnight Plague. It's about this renegade assassin (Midnight Phoenix) working in a corrupt future where crime is rampant and militarily controlled, and he finally breaks loose and attempts to overthrow the system himself.

The movie was made with 1 Canon GL2 camera, and had usually 1 person doing all the work: me.

Yes, I was the cinematographer, editor, sound effects mixer, music editor, dubber, foley artist, production designer, director, producer, co-writer, choreographer, cameraman, AD, PA, set decorator, props guy, weapons supervisor, gaffer, and EVERYTHING... (Yep, even the nifty poster you see as the thumbnail... including the photographs)

thankfully I had Drew back me up sometimes (he's the co-producer, co-writer)... this was A NO-BUDGET film, and all the actors are HIGHSCHOOLERS... HOW LOW CAN YOU GET? Oh, and this movie took me all October to shoot... obviously once a week.

but the movie looks cool in this little "highlights" demo I made out of the 20-minute movie that took way too long.

Hey! Not bad for a 17-year-old with no money, no professional equipment, some highschool friends, and no real pre-planning!

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