Hilbert Space is a 10 min. single channel video performance about grief, memory and our ongoing relationship with the dead.

"In the world of pure mathematics, Hilbert space is a theoretical space of unlimited or infinite dimensions. It is the basis for quantum mechanics and the study of thermodynamics. My father was a mathematician and his specialty was Hilbert space."

The installation utilizes a 12’ x 12’ silk screen suspended overhead onto which video is projected. The screen is manipulated by the performer using cables, making the images float and distort above the audience.
Exploring grief as a liminal space, Hilbert Space draws imagery from traditional mourning practices, mathematical formulas, images of weather, disintegration and empty household spaces. As the silk rises, the screen becomes the body lifted up into a space of infinite dimensions.

This is the final documentation for my Transart Institute MFA Thesis project. This performance took place at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, May 25, 2011.
Thanks to everyone at the VCCA and Transart Institute/ Berlin.

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