The value of gold and/or silver mining companies not only increases when they discover the precious metals, but also when the price of gold and/or silver goes up --- I'm Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire — Today's company highlight is Hondo Minerals Corporation trading with the symbol HMNC ---Hondo Minerals Corporation is engaged in the acquisition of mines, mining claims and mining real estate in the United States, Canada and Mexico with mineral reserves of precious metals or non-ferrous metals --Hondo Minerals controls 1796 acres of patented and BLM claims in the Southwestern United States-- Hondo owns the Tennessee and Schuylkill Mines in Chloride, Arizona -- The company uses E-Leech technology - a patent pending process that creates a leaching process without the use of hazardous chemicals such as cyanide- at its Tennessee Mine production facility-- Toxic chemicals previously used such as Hydrochloric and Nitric Acid are replaced with a water-based and pH adjusted medium to leach precious and base metals from mine tailings that is safe to humans and the environment -- Electrochemical processes are used to generate pH levels low enough to leach metals such as Gold, Silver, Zinc and Rare Earths into a solution for recovery at an extremely low cost per ton -- Hondo Minerals recently reported that it has completed the operation to produce ionized water which is the critical substance needed for the extraction of minerals as required by its process -- The ionized water will be produced in a nearby offsite to be stored and available for immediate use following the anticipated Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training, inspection and site review at the Tennessee Mine--The full mineral extraction process onsite will begin immediately following the MSHA regulatory and safety training certification--Hondo Minerals' initial independent testing has indicated the Tennessee Mine tailings and dumps could produce an average of 1 to 3 oz. of gold and about 30 oz. or more of silver per ton using its exclusive environmentally friendly technology-- At the Tennessee Mine there are approximately a million tons of metal rich tailings and dump material --
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