This is 1 of several art installations part of my senior thesis body of work at Millsaps College 2008-2009. This is tent #1 which was installed in November at One To One Studios in Jackson, MS. Below is my artist statement:
As a child, I often constructed tents in the living room out of old sheets, built forts hidden in the woods, and hauled plywood, televisions, and Christmas tree lights to the attic to create that perfect hideout. To this day I have a similar obsession, rearranging furniture in my apartment and repositioning the lights to create a new feeling, function, and aura to the space. My work explores the relationship between light and objects within a space. Using video projection as an artistic medium, I am interested not only in how objects relate to each other and the viewer, but also in how I can interpret the use of “leaked” video in an experiential site-happening.
I say “leaked” video because my main purpose is to break down the box that is so understood to hold video. This is, of course, television. By destroying these barriers, I allow video to escape into the room, bounce off various objects, and surround the viewer. The viewer, holding the position of a grown-up child, experiences and explores the sheltered tent, connecting with certain elemental properties. Therefore my work is multilayered, with concepts of escapism, spirituality, use of imagination, and trance or hypnosis elements.
For source material, I shoot digital video, animate drawings, and then apply effects to create a loopable video ready for projection. I use digital video projection to throw moving light onto a hand-made tent or fort. As a child, you use what you can get, and using that motto I collect all of the materials in my tent out of disposed waste (except the white fabric). Stepping inside the tent, the viewer can reinterpret video from its televised origins into a relived, yet new, childhood experience.

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