Music: Hanne Darboven (1941 - 2009): Requiem, op. 22, book 56 / Thomas Dahl, Beckerath organ, Hauptkirche St. Petri, Hamburg. with kind support: Hanne Darboven Stiftung, Hamburg
The Reqiem of Hanne Darboven is based on converting calendar dates in numbers and numbers in notes. Out of 11 Volumes 8 CD Volumes of the Requiem of Hanne Darboven have been recorded in St.Petri in Hamburg.
1528 photos are exploring the church building and it's context. Outof these 544 photos are taken of each step in the tower up, 544 for each step down. These pictures are frame by frame processed in a system of expanding cycles based on exponentiation approaching infinity.
Screenings:IFFR 2012 , Transmediale, Berlin 2012, Image Forum Festival,Tokyo 2012, Seoul International NewMedia Festival 2012, Aarhus Fimvestival, Arte Creative 2012/13, OP-Festival (Fotoweek Amsterdam) 2014

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