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Story by Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner
Music composed and performed by Andy Garfield
Production Design Pete Evans, Bill Hay, Eric Hilleary, Dave Max
Art Direction Dave Marshall
Visual Effects Direction Pete Evans, Mike Stetson
Special Effects Supervisor Bill Hay
Sound Design Andy Garfield
Narrated by Peter Cullen
Director of Photography Nathan Pata
Edited by Steve Wellington
Asst. Editing: Nathan Pata
Executive Produced by Eric Hilleary
Produced by Dave Max, Caleb Skinner
Directed by Eric Hilleary, Nathan Pata, Dave Max

Chapter One

Camera Operator: Denise Losey
2nd Unit Camera: Nathan Pata, Mike Crossette

Production Assistants: Dylan Martens, Kathryn Vannoy, Jason Saulog, Hugh Elesh, Gabriel Lipper
Grips: Lee ‘Chairo’ Strom, Rick Lucero, Dylan Martens, Bryan ‘Smash’ Mantemach
Lighting: Kiala Dreamstalker, Carl "Dragon" Norden, Lee ‘Chairo’ Strom, Bryan ‘Smash’ Mantemach, Jeffery Alan Lombardi

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