This film was made as part of V48hours 2011. V48hours is a film competition in New Zealand, where filmmakers are given a genre and 4 elements and then attempt to write, shoot, edit and hand in a short film within 48hours.

Team: Loaded Gunn

Genre: Horror

Elements were:
Line of dialogue: What have you got
Character: Bobbie Young (An ex-bully)
Object: Bent piece of wire
Shot: End on a freeze frame

Ngakopa Volkerling, Elizabeth Bruce and Shaun Burke

Nina Wells

Jason Wang

Johanna Besaw

Francesca Jago

Shot on Canon 5D Mark II

Year: 2011

This is the Directors cut of Team Loaded Gunn 2011 entry to V48hours. The film was disqualified due to tardiness (20mins after the deadline). This copy has been slightly tweaked from the original in terms of sound effects and audio from the original version screened during the competition.

The original version is available on the V48hours website :

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