After months of planning, I finally got the chance to do a short video of my friend's car this weekend.
It's a really wicked and nicely tuned turbo Scion tC.
Went for the Miami Skyline as the backdrop again. A location scout was also out there scouting locations for Chevrolet's new Camaro ad campaign :)

Was glad to get another chance to practice & test the Kessler Crane KC-8 Ultra, Revolution Head, and the Jag35 Wired Follow Focus.
Trying to operate a crane, revolution head, and follow focus while looking into a monitor is definitely not a one man job, at least for me, so I have to really thank my two "assistants" for making for some great shots.
Second time around with the Jag35 Wired Follow Focus on the KC-8, and I have to say it operates really well with the Tokina 11-16mm and the Canon 70-200mm L IS.

Kessler Crane Revolution Head & Oracle Controller mounted on a KC-8 Ultra on a K-Pod w/ Hercules Head
Jag35 DSLR Stand on Bottom Rods w/ 12" Jag35 rods
Jag35 Wired Follow Focus with J1 motor
CPM Wireless 5" HDMI Monitor - (which performed really well this time around)
Canon 7D w/ Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 & Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lenses

Kessler Crane CineSlider with Elektra Drive & Oracle
Canon 5DMKII w/ Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro lens

1. Aliasing & Morie on buildings is still driving me nuts... Need to win the lotto to buy a nice Sony F3 or FS100!!! :)
2. Kessler Crane gear is Rock Solid... but you already knew that :)
3. I am still loving my Jag35 rods, very sturdy.
4. The Jag35 Wired follow focus is really starting to grow on me. It worked really well with the two lenses I used on this shoot, I just have to practice dialing in my focus on the monitor. Still would like a marker disc on the EFF Controller.
5. This is the first video I've done that I have considered myself as the DP.
6. And for those who actually decide to read my notes section, here's a blooper for you, we filmed this on June 4, but I am way to lazy to re-render my video for an hour just because of the date :)
Special Thanks to Gary and Don for another really fun day of filming :)

Music: "Polarstern" - Schiller

Director of Photography: Kevin Huggins
Crane Operators: Kevin Huggins & Don Lee
Grip & Gear Assistance: Gary De Pass
BTS Photography: Don Lee
Video Editing: Kevin Huggins

Car: Scion tC, owned by Gary De Pass
Prep & Tuning: PSI Racing, Brendon Alvarez

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