IMPORTANT: WE NEED YOUR HELP IN MAKING THIS EPIC TALE OF ZOMBIES, APOCALYPSE, AND SCARY, FILTHY SEX COME TO LIFE! If you want to be a part of creating "The Spread," get some really cool prizes like original artwork, limited printings of the first issue, and even a chance to see yourself as a blood thirsty zombie in the pages of the book, please go immediately to this link:

Trailer for the upcoming comic book by FINKTOONS, "The Spread."

When the world is taken over by a sexually transmitted disease that turns the infected into brain eating zombies, humanity is left to make an impossible decision: suppress themselves from ever having sex again, or become a victim of the apocalypse.

In the summer of 2011, FINKTOONS will bring you “THE SPREAD,” an illustrated comic book from Brandon Fink, Michael Morgan and Tyler Moazed.

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