The Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Russian:
Рапсодия на тему Паганини, Rapsodiya na temu
Paganini) in A minor, opus 43, is a concertante work
(20 to 25 minutes in length), written by Sergei
Rachmaninoff. It is written for solo piano and symphony
orchestra, closely resembling a piano concerto. The work
was written at Villa Senar, according to the score, from
July 3 to August 18, 1934. Rachmaninoff himself, a noted
interpreter of his own works, played the solo piano part
at the piece's premiere at the Lyric Opera House in
Baltimore, Maryland, on November 7, 1934 with the
Philadelphia Orchestra, conducted by Leopold Stokowski.


It was with great anticipation that I began viewing
the videos by Professor Howdy on YouTube and
his two Blogs!

The Professor is simply amazing at retelling an
old story in a contemporary manner with exquisite
Classical Music accompanied with H.D. Photographs
& sprinkled with alluring, charming, classy and
bewitching Video Clips! Rather than containing
simply one music selection, the Professor includes
up to four popular music sensations on each video!

The High Definition photographs were beautiful
beyond words and supplemented with those was
the most heavenly music one will ever hear! With
a creative genius' ability to carry us around the
globe and to fall unrestrainedly in love with every
beautiful creature shown, the Professor lifts &
relaxes not only our spirits but our emotions as well.

Now with some 450+ videos available, one can
enter the world of musical enchantment similar
to Narnia or Middle Earth with spell bounding
emotional attachment to each world musically
presented. Of special note while viewing each
musical video, it is often nearly impossible at times
to determine whether a photograph or video is
being used during a particular segment.

Each pulchritudinous video tells it own allegorical
fifteen minute novel with statuesque and emblematic
awareness! Remember that his Music Videos are
defined as theater of the mind!

Part of the Genius also in these opulent & ostentatious
videos are not only in the Transitions that change
beautifully in slow motion but the charmingly, daintily,
delicately & delightful photographs & videos that
ameliorate the musical narrative!

Only one with low intelligence quotient or attention
deficit will not be relaxed, cheered & entertained by
these astounding video novelettes. Medical studies
have shown that these videos even lower one's
blood pressure when needed.

This magic world may be entered through the
portholes of the Wardrobe, Narnia, YouTube,
FaceBook or the Professor's Blogs! Enjoy the
musical adventure (and be sure to click the
proper buttons below the screen to view with
your computer's full screen). Oh, and his Videos
when viewed on Apple's new iPad are simply

Phillip T. Yarborough
Professor Emeritus
Harvard University
And Entertainment
Editor for Time Magazine


When these music videos are posted
to YouTube, YouTube reduces the
resolution or pixels by 86%. Our plan
is to continue posting beautiful
music videos on YouTube but
to offer DVDs that contain 100%
of the original beauty of each
Romantic Classical Music Video.
They make great gifts and can be
enjoyed on either your computer
or TV.

To Obtain Any of these Music Video:
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