Following the success of our ‘Facebook Hero’ video from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Team CRC/Nukeproof manager Nigel Page took to the pits once again in Fort William, Scotland to put your questions to the world’s top racers.

Highlights include: Who would win in a fight between Gee and Dan Atherton? Are Danny Hart’s insane pinball lines planned or are they just a result of being the raddest mofo on earth? What made the difference to allow Aaron Gwin to win a World Cup this year?

Did your question get asked?

Send us your questions for this weekend’s race in Leogang, Austria, which will be hosted by Matti Lehikoinen while Nigel Page is on paternity leave. We’re looking for off-the-wall stuff to ask the pros; good suggestions so far include “What do they think would be faster, a racing giraffe or a tired zebra?” and “What colour pants do they intend to wear on race day?”

Go to our Facebook page to submit your question now!

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