In December 1991, I made a film in Barcelona using an early 1970s Canon Super-8 camera (no sound), with friends and family. The story was based on something that happened to me in Whitstable, Kent, in 1988 - an unresolved mystery that haunted me and provided the inspiration for this film.

We shot reels and reels of material, in parts inspired and technically accomplished, and in other parts naïve and poorly executed. In particular, the night-time scenes and underground scenes suffer from severe underexposure.

Years have passed, and only recently did I get round to transferring the raw material to DVD. I found the original screenplay and instructions for music and the silent-film style intertitles (title cards), and have reconstructed it using digital video editing technology.

I've improved the luminosity of the dark scenes, which we never got round to re-shooting. After this "reconstructive surgery" some sort of narrative structure can hopefully be discerned.

The film is just under 19 minutes long. The influences are Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Nic Roeg, Buñuel and the German Gothic masters of the 1920s such as FW Murnau.

All comments invited!

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