(1 x 22 minutes)

To the ancient Greeks, every mystery in nature could be explained by the whims, passions and peculiarities of the gods. This episode features three favorite nature myths:

- The Myth of Persephone, in which Hades, the god of the underworld, abducts the beautiful young Persephone, thereby plunging the earth into a permanent state of icy winter. It takes the great Zeus to negotiate a deal between Hades and Persephone’s distraught mother, resulting in the arrival of spring, and the ongoing cycle of seasonal changes.

- Echo & Narcissus, in which a talkative nymph loses her heart to the handsome Narcissus, only to discover the young man only has eyes for himself.

- Helios, in which a brash young man named Phaethon borrows his father’s sun chariot and finds out the hard way that pulling the sun across the sky each day is easier said than done.

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