performed by: James Furness w/ hearyonder
video by: Pilar Timpane
sound by: Tyler Mahoney

What can you say about James Furness.

I met James Furness at a party in Durham. He was sitting in a rocking chair, hugging his knees into his heavy beard, smoking.

"Furness. It's like Lochness, but with Furrrr," he said, stroking his bushy face.

That was my introduction to James. From there it turned out that we had mutual people, as so many do in Durham, in our small world of music, food, and establishments. He plays with local bands and was about to move back to Indianapolis. We had two weeks to make this recording happen so we did it in Lakewood Baptist Church, after a long day of thunderstorms, with Justin and Nellie DeJong, the members of "hearyonder."

Just to be honest with y'all, I had not heard James' music before this recording. I had just trusted that, based on his enthusiastic joy and belief that me doing this video for him would be so so amazing and such a gift, his music would be ok.

I was wrong.

His music is amazing.

I think of Ryan Adams, bluesy heartbreak songs with real meaning. And Bob Dylan, funny little folk tunes, again with a tinge of love's rise and demise. James Furness has a ton of talent. I'm excited to see what he does with it in the future.

With love from Durham,

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