Videos from the WIP stages as we were tuning it.

First time we got the app running and projected onto the glass. We turned on the transparent mode to see how it would look. Notice you can see through the glass in the transparent areas and someone walking behind it.

Written in C++ using Cinder framework.
2 million+ particles pushed around by 2D grid fluid in real time using the GPU. Fully interactive with easy to use UI. Handles both single and multi touch events. Runs in 1920x1080 at 60fps. OpenGL on Windows 7. Captured video coming soon. Development time of the application was 1 month.

Kei Gowda - Producer
Sheena Matheiken - Creative Director
Bowe King - Designer
Andrew Bell - Developer (VideoPlayer/BeforeAfterLens/UI)
Chris Mckenzie - Developer (VideoScrubber/Keyboard/Clocks/UI)
Hai Nguyen - Developer (Particles/Springs/Nodes/UI)

Not limited to the titles in the credits - everyone on the team contributed ideas and virtually an endless amount of discussion on the creative and technical direction of the SmartGlass app. Go team.

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