Go on a journey to Tibet. With images from early 2011 and Tibetan music, you'll get to experience the people, environment, religion and life of Tibet.

Maker Erik Törner is a Tibet analyst from IM, Individuell Människohjälp (manniskohjalp.se) who last visited Tibet in January 2011.

”It was a cold time, hardly no tourists visit Tibet in winter time. On the other hand, as it is too cold to work for both farmers and nomads, they traditionally have a month of and go on pilgrimage. Thereby, all sights where filled with Tibetans, mostly from the countryside.

Dressed up for the occasion, and very curious to meet Westerners, they made it worth sleeping without heat or electricity in below zero temperatures.”

Photo and copyright: Erik Törner, IM Individuell Människohjälp manniskohjalp.se

Contact IMs Erik Törner for permissions. Email erik.torner(at)manniskohjalp.se

IM is a Swedish aid organization fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion. IM makes long-term commitments together with local partners, in promoting health, education and income generation. Our efforts are aimed at empowering people and each new project starts off on a small scale.

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