For one of our last projects in my Senor BFA class at San Jose State; we were asked to read some short stories by Italo Calvino. I chose The Adventure of a Soldier that evolved a soldier on a train and a very voluminous widow. The widow ends up sitting next to him on the train and the soldier finds that his hand is touching her thigh. The rest gets a bet risky so I'll let you read the story on your own.

I wanted to create a 1940's widow but also study Chris Sanders and his shape language in his art and translate that into 3D. After a few quick studies I concepted out my widow, did some quick color passes and then went straight into zbrush. She has a decent rig on her and has nCloth for the lower part of her dress. Being relatively new to nCloth did not help, and I probably wouldn't use it for a main project until I can understand it a bit more. The whole processes did not take too long, so I was able to create this rather quickly. This is also my first "final" project using Vray. I had done many tests before this and was contemplating using Vray multiple projects before this. But due to time and inexperience I would always end up using mental ray. Now that I have a Vray project under my belt I'm feeling a lot more confident in using it as my go to render.

As far as artistic wise and project wise. There are a few things I would like to go back and change but overall I really love how this turned out.


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