Captain Snookum Poops has landed his spaceship filled with Funk right in the heart of the jungle. After a long journey into outer space he has returned, bringing back the two most notorious nubian queens of the universe - Honey Larochelle and Barbara Moleko - to once again lay down the law and restore order in the chaotic jungle, where the baboons have been ruling since the Funk was abducted by evil aliens.

The 5to8 Spacemonkeys are:
Kuku Agami (aka Captain Snookum Poops)
Jonas Rendbo (vocals)
Mogens Palsbøll (bass)
Hannibal Gustafsson (guitar)
Dr Daniel Fridell (keys)
Kristoffer Sjelberg (drums)

Special Guest no.1
What do Roberta Flack, Joss Stone, Macy Gray, The Brand New Heavies, Maya Azucena, Laura Izabor, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Dane, Donnie Osmond, Jordon Knight Eric Sermon, Thomas Mcclary (Commodores) and many others have in common? They have all collaborated in one way or another with the hot new Canadian singer/songwriter, Honey Larochelle.

~“If I don’t have a show of my own, I’ll be at Honeys’ show cheering her on. She is so talented, I just want to produce her!”
-Roberta Flack
~ “You know what’s hot about her...she can really sing but she delivers her songs like an emcee”.
-Eric Sermon (EPMD)
~“Honey is a pure artist. Her voice drips of love and sex. Her words are magic.”
-Macy Gray
“I’ve never seen anything like her, she just asked me a few questions about myself and my life, and next thing you know she had a verse and hook written.”
-Jennifer Hudson
“[Honey Larochelle] is one of my favorite people to sing with!”
-N’Dea Davenport (The Brand New Heavies)

Special Guest no.2
Miss Moleko is an extraordinary and extremely skillful singer and songwriter. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album with producers like Madness4Real, ES, Hannibal Gustafsson and Assi Roar.
In the summer of 2010 Barbara was chosen for DR P3's Karrierekanonen, and got to expose her talent live to great excitement of audiences all across the country, gaining many new fans and followers. Barbara is now also attending the Songwriter line at the Rhytmic Music Conservatory.
She has performed with Nabiha, Negash Ali, Dafuniks, Veteran Cosmic Rockers, Curious People and many others.

Filming & editing by Kristian Mathiassen.

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