"Sandy Fishnets"
© 2010 by Evelyn Evelyn
Produced by Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley

Read Amanda's blog on the video: bit.ly/SandyBlog
See Vince's short-film which inspired this: vimeo.com/5935188

Director: Vince Mascoli - dweebasaur.us
Asst. Director: Rachel Gitlevich - bit.ly/RGsite
Background Artist: Elizabeth Stachowicz - lintbunni.tumblr.com

Animation: Rachel Gitlevich & Vince Mascoli
Light Painting Assistants: Adriel Garcia, Ashley Hamilton, Jessica Barnett, Janelle Smith, and Christopher Faunce

The Director Wishes to Thank: Rachel, My Family, Kara/Guin, The Buchans, and my friends.

Video ©2011 Eleven Records/MeadowLark Studio

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