The Battersea Experiment explores a surreal journey through a mysterious and ephemeral future landscape cultivated within the hollow shell of London's Battersea Power Station. Set in a future strangled by rampant homogeneity, the power station remains an unchanged monument to an industrial past, at least thats how it appears. Inside the building's crumbling brick walls an experimental world has taken hold, under the watchful gaze of The Scientist who has brought the building to life.

As redevelopment schemes come and go the film celebrates Battersea Power Station as a crumbing relic of an industrial age gone by - A building that is more magnificent in its ruinous state than any anodyne restoration.

This film is part of a wider exploration into how the building's character could be preserved through a parasitic architecture that is cultivated, grown and brought to life using living technologies. A series of experiments were carried out exploring how the designer might be able to control certain parameters of living systems using simulation and testing. The project was based on contemporary research into living materials and technology that may one day become the building materials of the future led by researchers and thinkers such as Martin Hanczyc, Mark Bedau and Rachel Armstrong. These include living technologies that are engineered to metabolise and reconstruct masonry structures, remove contamination from the soil or convert carbon dioxide into crystaline limestone.


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