Technology in Art Ed Final

We were told to do anything that incorporated technology and some aspect of Art Education. I wanted to create a teaching tool that an educator could use in the classroom to teach a unit on “garbage art”. The inspiration for this project was the boring educational documentaries that I remember watching in middle and high school.

I didn’t want to make everything obvious (give the entire history of found object art or give lots and lots and lots of photos of artwork) but I did want it to be interesting. I wanted it to not teach an entire lesson, but rather be a customizable tool so that a teacher could emphasize the points that fit into their lesson plans appropriately.

Two of the main challanges that I will face as an art educator are 1) lack of funding and 2) engaging uninterested students. My intention was to create an educational peice that would grab the attention of every student in the classroom regardless of their knowledge of art history or artistic abilities. When all students are interested, discussion follows easily. I wanted the peice to bring up topics of discussion, such as subjectivism environmentalism, and art criticism, which teachers could use in their units as well. Teaching a lesson to go along with this, would be very cost effective… obviously.

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