"Always prepared!" is a moving image piece based on the childhood memories from former socialist Czechoslovakia. It is a return to the experience of the children belonging to the transitional generation of two systems in 1989 and reflexive comparison of this change.

This was my final year work for BA Digital Media Arts at London South Bank University.

••• Very Special Thanks goes to Veronika Kaderová, Motoko Nagasaki, Mooi Šnircová Nagasaki •••
without them it would be impossible.

Directed by: Ľuboš Horvát (luboshorvat.com), Viliam Šnirc (viliamsnirc.com)
Animation: Viliam Šnirc
Subtitles translated by: Denisa Herel

Music: Pieseň Šťastných Detí (Song of Happy Children) by Dezider Kardoš (1951)
Images: from the book "Prievidza" (Gajdoš, Péli, 1981)
Video source: No Pockaj (sojuzmultfilm)
Tom and Jerry (Turner Entertainment)
Archival Footage (Czechoslovakian Television Archive)

Winner of the 5min. film category at International Short Film Festival Azyl 2011 : festival.azyl.sk/sutaze/winners.html
Winner of the hybrid category at Bitfilm 2013 : bitfilm.com/festival/hybrid.php

•Azyl 2011 - Winner (festival.azyl.sk)
•Fest Anca 2012 (festanca.sk/)
•Bitfilm 2013 - 'Hybrid Category' Winner (bitfilm.com/festival/)

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