This is a 20 minute documentary about Bill; a man from my hometown who I was always curious about. He spends his days, mostly on his hand and knees, cleaning up the streets of Amherst. Since I was a little kid I can remember the image of him literally crawling past cars on main street picking up cigarette butts and bits of trash.
There are many rumors about Bill. Due to his high intelligence and seemingly unlimited vocabulary, he is thought to be a retired professor. With testimonials from Amherst locals as well as Bill himself, this film reveals the truth about Bill's history while giving us some insight on his humble day-to-day life.

I made this my senior yr of high school and I am happy with how it turned out except for a few audio flaws. I do not own the rights to any of the music involved in this video. All credits listed at the end. This video was created on the grounds of educational and entertainment purposes.


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